Century Family Farm Awards

The ISC Century Family Farm Award celebrates Saskatchewan farm families who have farmed the same land for 100 years or more. ISC is proud to recognize the contributions of these families in shaping our province.
As the safekeeper of important historical documents, such as land grants and titles, geographic maps and photos and survey information, ISC proudly supports organizations and initiatives that preserve and promote Saskatchewan history.

One of the ways ISC celebrates Saskatchewan's rich cultural heritage is through the ISC Century Family Farm Awards program. By sponsoring and managing this annual program, we celebrate the traditions and heritage that have shaped our province.

The deadline to apply each year is March 15. Applications received after this date will be considered for the next year's program.

Since initiating this program in 2007, ISC has honoured nearly 3,900 families with a Century Family Farm Award.

View a complete list of the 2016 ISC Century Family Farm Award recipients.


  • Members of the same family have farmed or ranched on the land continuously for 100 years or more.
  • The applicant must live in Saskatchewan and own the farm or ranch.
  • The applicant and/or quarter section has never been recognized with a Century Family Farm Award previously.

How and when to apply

  • You may apply online or by mail.
  • The deadline to submit an application is March 15.
  • You do not need to attach historical documentation with your application. ISC, in partnership with the Saskatchewan Archives Board, will do all research on your behalf, free of charge. We will determine date of homestead entry and the date the land was officially granted to your ancestor – the earliest date will determine when your family farm is eligible to receive the award.
  • ISC will contact you by mail or email to let you know when you qualify for the award.

What you’ll receive:

All recipients of the Century Family Farm Award receive the following: