Saskatchewan Personal Property Registry introduces a new feature in the My Workspace area

May 24-17

On May 29, a new feature will be added in the Saskatchewan Personal Property Registry (SPPR) application to provide clients with the ability to view a current listing of approved users registered under their Primary Client ID.

In the My Workspace > Primary/User Relationship area of the SPPR application, the display will show the primary client for the account and the current listing of additional users.

To delete, amend or create a user, please complete and submit the SPPR User Client Application form.  

Maintaining a current list of users quickly identifies who has access to SPPR for your organization.  It is advisable to remove users that are no longer with your organization to prevent unauthorized access.

For added account security, ISC recommends that you periodically change the account password.  To change a password, please complete and submit the Account Application form (select Amend and enter passwords in the space provided).

For support, please contact us at 1-866-275-4721 or email