Temporary Mortgage Discharge Fee Mitigation Ends November 3, 2023

Oct 25-23

As authorized by the Government of Saskatchewan in the Master Service Agreement (MSA), ISC reviews registry fees on an annual basis, and implements certain adjustments annually. On July 5, 2023, ISC and the Government of Saskatchewan announced they extended the term of the MSA and entered into an amended and restated Master Service Agreement (A&R MSA), which includes certain additional fee adjustments. Effective July 29, 2023, select fees in the Land Registry were adjusted in relation to this extension.

ISC is committed to providing fair and sustainable fees to all our customers and recognized that certain transition provisions specifically related to the introduction of the mortgage discharge fee needed to be considered. Working with the customer groups uniquely impacted by the initial application of the mortgage discharge fee, ISC recognizes that a period of transition is required to accommodate certain circumstances where delayed submission of mortgage discharges can exist in legal practices. 

Mortgage Discharge application(s) submitted to ISC after 3:00pm on July 28, 2023, and before 5:00pm November 3, 2023, may qualify to have the $55 Mortgage Discharge fee reduced to $0. Discharges would qualify for this reduction if the related mortgage became eligible for discharge prior to 3:00pm July 28, 2023. 

Effective 5:00pm November 3, 2023, ISC’s online submission tool, and mortgage discharge forms will be updated to no longer allow for application of a fee reduction.

Please visit www.isc.ca/feechange for a full breakdown of the fee changes, including the revised fee schedules.​