Acts and Regulations

The Business Corporations Act, 2021 sets out the legislative requirements for business corporations to incorporate and operate in Saskatchewan.

The Business Names Registration Act deals with the registration and protection of the business names of unincorporated businesses. The Act applies to sole proprietorships, partnerships and limited partnerships.

The Co-operatives Act, provides for the incorporation of a co-operative or the limited or unlimited registration of an extra-provincial co-operative. Co-operatives are formed by their members to fulfill particular purposes, such as providing housing, food, daycare or loans. Co-operatives may carry on business outside of Saskatchewan.

The New Generation Co-operatives Act provides for the creation of a new kind of co-operative that produces, processes or markets agricultural products; and/or provides services to persons engaged in those undertakings.

The Non-profit Corporations Act, 2022 sets out the rules for the incorporation and registration of non-profit organizations in Saskatchewan, and for the registration of non-profit extra-provincial corporations.

The Partnership Act sets out the rules for partnerships carrying on business in Saskatchewan and for the dissolution of partnerships.