Entity Access Codes

Entity access codes are required to submit an online filing for an existing entity (business) in the Corporate Registry Application. 

Entity Access Code Creation

When an entity is created online by incorporation, registration, amalgamation or continuance, the entity access code is issued to the user who created the entity.

Once an entity access code has been issued to you, you need to set the code before it can be used.
An entity’s access code can be used to file submissions online by any user who knows the code. To obtain an entity’s access code, a user has to ask the person who set the code.

You can manage entity access codes that have been issued to you by logging in to the Corporate Registry, clicking on your name in the top right corner of the homepage, and then clicking 'edit profile'.

  • From here, access codes that have been issued to you can be set, changed or revoked.
  • If you change the entity access code, the previous code will no longer work and you will be the only person who can file submissions online for the entity until or unless you give the new code to another user.
  • If you revoke the entity access code, no one will be able to file submissions online for the entity (unless they have been verified by the Registry and do not require access codes to file submissions) until you reset the entity access code.

Entities Created prior to the New Corporate Registry Application

You may request an entity access code for an entity that was created before July 2016, via the Corporate Registry application.

Access codes will be included on the annual returns for a period of one year after transition to the new Corporate Registry application.

You can do this online by logging in to the Corporate Registry and clicking 'messages'.
  • Then click 'new message'.
  •  Select 'request entity access code' in the 'type' menu. Be sure to include the entity name and number in the subject field.

Access Codes are not Always Required

  • For users who file submissions on behalf of their clients, such as lawyers, and who have been verified by the Corporate Registry can file submissions online without entity access codes.
  • An entity access code is not required to file submissions by paper.