Create a Corporate Registry Account

Creating a new Corporate Registry application account is quick and easy. Simply select the Sign up link on the Corporate Registry application landing page and complete account registration.  The account registration consists of four distinct sections. 

  1. Your Details - In this section you will identify your user name, password and contact information. Please note that an email address is a required field.
  2. Account Details - In this section, you will select the type of account you wish to create. You can opt to create an account as an individual or as an organization. Following this, you will be required to enter the mailing address associated with the account.
      • If you intend to have more than one user accessing the corporate registry application under a shared account, please select an 'organization' account.  
      • If you file submissions on behalf of others, includes lawyers who have been verified by the Corporate Registry, please select the check box to indicate that you intend to file submissions on behalf of clients.
  3. ISC Account/Client Number - if you have an existing account or client number with ISC. You may wish to provide that information if you wish to have your Corporate Registry transactions to be debited from your ISC account.
  4. Disclaimer - please read the terms and conditions then select the disclaimer at the bottom of the page, if you agree.

Finally, you will be sent an email to confirm the details of your account creation!

Payment Options

All services provided by the Corporate Registry may be paid for by:
  • Cash (by appointment only)
  • Cheque/money order (payable to Information Services Corporation)
  • Visa/MasterCard (Visa/MasterCard Debit Cards are not accepted online)
  • Debit Card (by appointment only)
  • Deposit Account