End or Restart a Sole Proprietorship or Partnership Registrations

You may want to cancel your sole proprietorship or partnership if:

  • You decide to change the name of your business after it is registered. A new name reservation and business name registration is required. The new name will be treated as a new business and a new entity number will be issued for your business.
  • If you no longer wish to be in business.
  • If you have sold your business. The sole proprietorship or partnership must be cancelled when the owners exit the business, because the ownership cannot be transferred.

Filing your Cancelation:

  • Login to the Corporate Registry application.
    • Select ‘file’.
  • Enter your entity number or name in the ‘update entity’ field.
    • Click on your entity name that displays.
    • Select the option ‘cancellation’.
  • Complete the application and submit.
    • The summary screen within the application will provide an overview of your cancelation.

If you’ve changed your mind about ending your sole proprietorship or partnership you must start by completing a name reservation. To review the requirements of a name reservation, go to Step 2: Name Reservation.