Non-profit Corporations Forms

New Forms, Effective March 12, 2023
New legislation took force on March 12, 2023. The Saskatchewan Corporate Registry implemented changes in support of the new legislation, including updates to all Corporate Registry paper forms to a more user-friendly layout and fillable PDF format. 

Old versions of forms will not be accepted, effective March 10, 2023. 
An easy way to confirm you have a new form is to look for the square ISC logo in the top left corner of the form.

More information about the legislative changes.

Incorporate your Non-profit Corporation

The first step in starting a business is conducting a name reservation. This name reservation can be completed via our convenient Corporate Registry application or via the forms below. If you choose to use the Corporate Registry application, you will see live validation of your name reservation as you enter your proposed name. The system will assist you in determining if your name is acceptable and available. Please be aware that even though there is automatic validation, a Corporate Registry employee will review your name to ensure that it passes all validations.

Saskatchewan Non-profit Corporation
Name Reservation (Incorporation)

Extra-Provincial Non-profit Corporation
Name Reservation (Extra-Provincial Registration)
Registration (Extra-Provincial)

If you are having difficulties choosing a Nature of Business please review our NAICS code list.

Amalgamate your Non-profit Corporations

Saskatchewan Non-profit Corporation Amalgamation
Name Reservation (Amalgamation)
Amalgamation - Long Form
Amalgamation - Vertical Short Form
Amalgamation - Horizontal Short Form

Extra-Provincial Non-profit Corporation Amalgamation
Name Reservation (Extra-Provincial Amalgamation)
Amalgamation (Extra-Provincial)

If you are having difficulties choosing a Nature of Business please review our NAICS code list.

Maintain or Change your Corporate Information

Saskatchewan Non-profit Corporation
Name Reservation (Name Change)
Name Reservation (Reorganization)
Change Nature of Activity
Change of Directors/Officers
Resignation of Directors
Power of Attorney
Change of Registered Office Addresses
Change Fiscal Year End
Notice Filing

Saskatchewan Non-profit Corporation (Continuance)
Authorization to Continue in Another Jurisdiction
Name Reservation (Jurisdictional Continuance)
Name Reservation (Act Continuance)
Continuance into Saskatchewan (Jurisdictional)
Continuance (Act)

Extra-Provincial Non-profit Corporation
Name Reservation (Extra-Provincial Name Change)
Change of Registered Office/Mailing Address
Change of Directors/Officers (Extra-Provincial)
Change Annual Return Due Date (Extra-Provincial)
Amendment (Extra-Provincial)
Power of Attorney
Maintain Registration (Extra-Provincial)

End or Restart your Corporation

Saskatchewan Non-profit Corporation
Name Reservation (Restoral)
Name Reservation (Revival)
Statement of Intent to Dissolve or Revocation of Intent to Dissolve

Extra-Provincial Non-profit Corporation
Request for Strike Off (Extra-Provincial)
Name Reservation (Extra-Provincial Restoral)
Restoral (Extra-Provincial)

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The Non-profit Corporations Act, 2022