Changes in the Corporate Registry

Corporate Registry improvements, effective March 12, 2023.
The Corporate Registry implemented changes on March 12, 2023, to align with new Business Corporation and Non-profit Corporation legislation. Some changes in the Corporate Registry impact other business types including:
  • Acceptance of corporate names in Cree, Dené, Michif, Lakota, Nakota, Dakota, or Saulteaux in the Corporate Registry for all Saskatchewan entities.
  • Removal of the requirement and related costs to publish corporate events in The Saskatchewan Gazette impacts numerous filings in the Corporate Registry including:
      • Incorporations, Registrations, and Amalgamations;
      • Amendments with a name change; and
      • Closure events such as Cancellation and Dissolution.
  • Except for Co-operatives and New Generation Co-operatives, the title of “Director of Corporations” was updated to “Registrar of Corporations” for all types of businesses. Corporate Registry forms, correspondences, and certificates reflect the change in title.
  • Changes to banners, headers, and logos in the Corporate Registry application, profile reports, and on paper forms.
  • New paper forms for all types of businesses include updates to layout to improve usability and enable fillable PDF formats.
    • Old versions of forms will not be accepted effective March 10, 2023.  An easy way to confirm you have a new form is to look for the square ISC logo in the top left corner of the form..