Legislative Changes - March 12, 2023

New business corporation and non-profit corporation legislation improves flexibility for businesses in Saskatchewan.

The Corporate Registry was updated to align with new legislation. Some key improvements include:

  • Acceptance of corporate names in Cree, Dené, Michif, Lakota, Nakota, Dakota, or Saulteaux in the Corporate Registry;
  • More flexible director residency requirements for business corporations and non-profit corporations;
  • Removal of the requirement and related costs to publish corporate events in The Saskatchewan Gazette;
  • Changes to Annual Return and Financial Statement filing timelines for non-profit corporations, allowing non-profits more time to hold their annual meetings and file their Annual Return and Financial Statement with the Corporate Registry;
  • Enhanced qualifications of the auditor/reviewer when required for non-profit corporations’ financial statements; and
  • Shift to requiring only larger charitable corporations to conduct an audit/review.
Additional changes introduced have impacts on other types of businesses (e.g. sole proprietors, partnerships). For example, new Corporate Registry paper forms for all types of entities and Corporate Registry Profile Reports have a new look.  

More details about the changes and impacts on customers' filings at the Corporate Registry can be found in the links below:
To access the new legislation and regulation, please review the following: