COVID-19 Impact

Director of Corporations and Registrar of Co-operatives Recommencement Order for Strike Off Provisions  

The Director of Corporations and Registrar of Co-operatives has issued an Order to recommence the strike off provisions for non-profit corporations, co-operatives and new generation co-operative entities.  The Saskatchewan Corporate Registry will resume strike off activities for entities types, effective November 30, 2020.
Impacted non-profits corporations, co-operatives, and new generation co-operatives that have not yet filed an annual return, will receive communication advising of new filing date expectations.   

The suspension of strike off activities was implemented in March 2020 to address public health restrictions preventing in-person meetings.  Since that time, amendments to the The Non-Profit Corporations Regulations, 1997. and The Co-operatives Regulations, 1998. took effect, allowing non-profit corporations, co-operatives and new generation co-operatives to hold a meeting of members, unless prohibited by bylaws or articles, via telephonic, electronic or other communications that permits all participants to communicate adequately with each other during the meeting.    

To lessen the impact for those organizations that may require additional time to organize an annual meeting and file an annual return, late filing fees will continue to be waived for not-for-profit entities until November 30, 2020.  Organizations that have completed the necessary activities and are able to submit their annual returns and related filings are encouraged to do so.  

Visit the Government of Saskatchewan Public Registry website for additional information on the legislative requirements to maintain your non-profit or co-operative and new generation co-operative entity.