A co-operative is a corporation organized and controlled by its members, who pool resources to provide themselves and their patrons with goods, services, or other benefits. A cooperative business structure provides:
  • Democratic control based on one member one vote.
  • Open and voluntary membership.
  • Patronage dividends.
A co-operative is identified by the use of the words “Co-operative” and either of “Limited”, or “Ltd”, which must be included in the corporate name in all business transactions.

Co-operatives are categorized under three different acts:

New Generation Co-operative

The New Generation Co-operatives Act provides for the creation of a new kind of co-operative that:
  • Produces, processes or markets agricultural products; and/or
  • provides services to persons engaged in producing, processing or marketing agricultural products.
  • Other types of permitted businesses may be added by regulation.
Unlike traditional co-operatives, these co-operatives can restrict membership.

Co-operatives name reservations and incorporations may be easily completed via our Corporate Registry Application.

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