Condominium Corporation

A condominium corporation is created upon titles being issued to the units of a new condominium plan. The condominium corporation is then registered with the Corporate Registry.

A condominium corporation is comprised of the owners of the units in a condominium. It is responsible for the enforcement of its bylaws, the control, management and administration of the units, and of the common property and common facilities.

Please see the Land Registry Condominiums Transactions webpage for information pertaining to initiating a Condominium Corporation.

Condominium Corporation Name

A condominium corporation may be registered at the Corporate Registry in two different ways:
  1. “The Owners: Condominium Corporation No. (entity number issued by Corporate Registry)”. In the new land titles system, a corporation can be set up with a standard name based on the corporate entity number that is issued by Corporate Registry.
    E.g. The Owners: Condominium Corporation No. 10103450.
  2. A name that meets the requirements of the Act and was approved by the Director of Corporate Registry. In order to use a reserved name your Condominium packet must be submitted with a copy of a valid name reservation letter from the Corporate Registry.
    e.g. Harvest Villas Condominium Corporation
Condominium corporations name reservations and incorporations may be easily completed via our Corporate Registry Application.

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