Step 3: Prepare to Register Your Business

The Registration process will register your business with:
During the registration process, you may choose to:
  • Register with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Finance.
  • Request that the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board contact you with information regarding registering for Workers’ Compensation Board insurance.

Before you Begin

Before you begin the process of registering  your business in the Corporate Registry application make sure you know the answers to the following questions:

Do I have a Name Reservation number?
You must have a name reservation number prior to registering your business if you wish to use a name for your organization. If you do not have a name reserved, Go to Step 2: Reserve a Name
NOTE: If you are operating a numbered corporation, you do not need to reserve a name.

Do I know my business location?
You will be asked for the location of your business. There are a few types of addresses:
  • The business address is the location of the actual business.
  • The mailing address is where you receive your mail.
  • The registered office address (does not apply to sole proprietorships or partnerships) is the address within Saskatchewan where the records of the corporation are maintained.

Saskatchewan Ministry of Finance

If you opt to register with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Finance, make sure you know the answer to the following questions:

What will be my anticipated monthly sales?
You will be asked if you will sell tobacco, liquor or fuel. If liquor is selected, you will be required to provide a monthly sales estimate for liquor sales. This question helps the Saskatchewan Ministry of Finance determine how frequently to send Liquor Consumption tax (LCT) returns to you.

This value is only an estimate and can be changed with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Finance if you have over or underestimated your sales. You do not have to provide estimated sales for tobacco or fuel, but you will be asked to provide an estimate on annual sales. 

If you can answer all of the above, you’re ready to register!

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