Using this method, you can search by:
  • Abstract Number (the number assigned to unpatented Crown land parcels)
  • Active Title Number
  • Attachment Number (the number given to the documentation that supports an interest)
  • Client Number
  • Feature Number
  • Inactive Title Number
  • Interest Holder
  • Interest Number
  • Interest Register Number (the number that ties a group of interests together)
  • Land Description
  • Owner Name
  • Packet Number (the number assigned to every customer’s work submission request)
  • Parcel Number
  • Pre-Conversion Instrument*
  • Pre-Conversion Title Number*
* The term 'Pre-Conversion' refers to the time prior to the implementation of our online Land Registry that is currently in place. Conversion occurred from 2001-2003 as we implemented the new system district by district, one after another until the entire province was online.

The Search Results

Your search will return records that match your search criteria. From this Search Results page you can view a lot of basic information, free of charge. Other results (like some Interest and Ownership information) have fees associated with them. You will need to have money in your account and authorize that charge before viewing this information online.

From the Search Result page you can:
  • View the Certificate of Title
  • Request a print of that title
  • See the parcel picture and/or request copies of that parcel picture
  • See who the interest holders are.
  • Discover who previous owners and interest holders were
  • See all interests that have been removed from this title.
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