Discharge of Judgment

  1. Total Discharge
    The creditor, sheriff or creditor’s designate can totally remove/discharge the judgment from the Judgment Registry and any associated titles or interests once the debt has been satisfied. In order for the judgment to be removed, the discharge must be submitted to the Saskatchewan Personal Property Registry (SPPR). You can complete a discharge online (if access has been approved) or by submitting a Financing Change Statement – Discharge.

    When a total discharge is entered into the SPPR, the judgment:
    1. Will no longer automatically attach to any titles or interests; and
    2. Will be ineligible to be attached by request to any titles or interests.


  2. Partial Discharge of a Judgment from a Title or an Interest
    To discharge a judgment from a title or an interest, the creditor or the sheriff must complete an Application for Interest Discharge and sign the appropriate interest authorization form. The interest register number and the interest number of the judgment being discharged must be specified on the application for interest discharge. The judgment will still appear in the Judgment Registry even though it was discharged from a title or an interest.

An application to  discharge a Sheriff’s Notice of Discharge (s.107.1 EMJA) interest must   include a  Sheriff’s Direction to Discharge Form OO, which has been completed and signed by the Sheriff.

For more information on judgments and how they can be enforced in Saskatchewan consult the Sasklawcourts.ca website.