Searching in the Judgment Registry

The Judgment Registry Search function allows you to search the Judgment Registry for judgments and enforcement instructions affecting personal property and lands. You can search the Judgment Registry by:
  • Debtor name (firm or family)
  • Registry Number (judgment or enforcement instruction)
  • Land Titles Registration Number

When performing a debtor name search, you will receive exact matches to the criteria entered. If you want to widen your search, the Judgment Registry search has a “similar in spelling” option on the Family and/or Firm name, a “wild card” feature and a “replace character” option. For searching tips, select Judgment Registry Search Manual.

Note: Another option is a search in the Saskatchewan Personal Property Registry (SPPR), where you will retrieve results of active liens on security interests, judgments and sheriff’s notices. Click here to see the differences between a search in the SPPR and a search in the Judgment Registry.