Land Titles Information

The Land Titles Registry issues titles to land and registers transactions affecting titles, including changes of ownership and registration of interests against land.

When a parcel of land is bought in Saskatchewan, a title to that parcel is registered with ISC. The title shows where the parcel is located and names the owner(s). The title is the legal guarantee of the owner's interest.

The most common types of land transactions are:
  • Title transfers between buyers and sellers, or as a result of bankruptcy, death, expropriation, tax enforcement proceeding or court order.
  • Mortgage registrations and removals.
  • Lien registrations and removals.

During a real estate transaction, or when you are researching a parcel of land, our comprehensive online database can help you determine the following:

  • Who owns the parcel.
  • What interests are registered on the title, and if there is a mortgage.
  • Where the parcel is located, what it looks like, and if it is surface or mineral.
  • If there is an outstanding judgment registered, and how to get it removed.
  • When the parcel was first granted from the Crown.