Subdivide or Consolidate Land

Parcel boundaries can be changed. A parcel can be subdivided into two or more parcels. Two or more parcels can be consolidated to form one larger parcel. When a parcel is subdivided, or when two or more parcels are consolidated, new titles are issued to any new parcel that is formed.

Whether land is subdivided or consolidated, it must be done according to a plan. There are two kinds of plans: Survey Plans and Descriptive Plans. And there are two types of Descriptive Plans: Type I Plans and Type II Plans.

Survey Plans and Type I Descriptive Plans are submitted to us by licensed surveyors. Type II Descriptive Plans may be submitted by anyone.

Survey Plans are used to subdivide a parcel.

Type I Descriptive Plans require a Survey Plan and are used to:
• Change the boundaries of a single, non-commercial lot
• Sever an existing farm site from a Quarter Section
• Lease a portion of an existing parcel where the lease is for residential purposes, or
• Lease land that has yet to be granted by the Crown (Unpatented land)

Type II Descriptive Plans do not require surveying and deal with:
• Closure of a street or intersection
• Consolidation of two or more parcels into one
• Subdivision of mineral parcels that have the same boundaries as an existing surface parcel
• A right of way agreement for a utility distribution line in an urban area, and
• Parcel ownership changes from public to private or private to public

Consolidate Land

If you own two or more adjoining parcels, you may want to consolidate them. Once you consolidate, you may end up paying less for many of the transactions that we offer. Select the link above to find out how!

Subdivide Land

A land owner will often subdivide a parcel into a number of smaller parcels in order to sell those smaller parcels to another individual, corporation or municipality.To subdivide a parcel, you will need to contact a licensed land surveyor.