Transfer Multiple Land Titles

When individuals hold title as Tenants in Common, they each own a specified portion of the title and can will their specified share to whomever they choose when they die. If one of the owners dies, the title forms part of the deceased person’s estate as per the instructions of the will or intestacy.

In situations where a title is owned by Tenants in Common, each person or corporate entity named as an owner has their own title certificate to the same land parcel. Each certificate will have a unique Title Number but the same Parcel Number to show that different owners own one parcel between them.

When a parcel transfer involves Tenants in Common, multiple titles must be transferred between the parties.

There are five (5) types of ownership changes involving Tenants in Common:
  • From Single Title Owner to Tenants in Common
  • From Joint Title Owners to Tenants in Common
  • From Tenants in Common to Single Title Owner
  • From Tenants in Common to Joint Title Owners
  • From Tenants in Common to Tenants in Common

The process of transferring ownership is unique to each transaction type.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Title transfers can be complicated. Any land owner is able to submit a change of ownership application, but we highly recommend you consult a lawyer before transferring ownership on title.

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