Transfer a Land Title When an Owner Dies

There are two possibilities for transferring ownership when a property owner dies:

1. Surviving Joint Tenant
When owners appear as joint tenants on a title, the surviving owner is automatically
entitled to ownership of the property (unless the title specifies 'no survivorship' in the ownership structure). The survivor’s ownership needs to be registered by completing an Application for Transfer to Surviving Joint Tenant.

2. Transfer to an Executor or Personal Representative
When a deceased person(s) is the sole owner of a property, the title is transferred to the executor of their will, or other 'personal representative.' In this case, an Application for Transmission must be completed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Title transfers can be complicated. Any land owner is able to submit a change of ownership application, but we highly recommend you consult a lawyer before transferring ownership on title.

How to Submit an Application for Transfer to Surviving Joint Tenant or an Application for Transmission

Submit your Application for Transfer to Surviving Joint Tenant or your Application for Transmission electronically through ISC's convenient online submission method.

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Don't want to submit your application online? Check out our Application for Transfer to Surviving Joint Tenant Bundle page or our Application for Transmission Bundle page to download the required forms and instructions. 

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