Shipping & Handling

In order to reflect the most representative fee for service, the Geomatics Distribution Centre (GDC) has adopted an individual fee for each Shipping and each Handling option available for the product order.
  • Shipping and Handling Charges will apply to orders as noted below.
If you have any questions about Shipping & Handling, please do not hesitate in contacting one of our GDC representatives, they would be happy to help you make the best possible delivery decision.

Shipping Specifications and Pricing

All Mail Deliveries: $20.00 (additional $10 for large orders)

Handling Specifications and Pricing

Handling Fee (File Preparation for
Pick-ups, Inter-office, Courier, Email and Account Administration):

(size of digital data must be less than 5 MB)
FTP Account Setup: A handling fee will be applied to digital orders when shipped via the ISC FTP Account Download method. This fee represents the time and effort to create and administer the FTP account for the client.

$26.00 per order
Digital Media: This handling fee will be applied to any request for a CD/DVD copy of any data set.

$11.00 per CD/DVD