Saskatchewan Road Network Database 2014 (SURN2014)

The Saskatchewan Road Network Database 2014 (SURN2014) is an updated version of the Saskatchewan Upgraded Road Network (SURN).  Product Sample

The SURN2014 depicts the Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary road network in Saskatchewan which has been enhanced with road names, place names, and locations. The SURN2014 Data set is designed to serve a variety of clients, including both private and government organizations, that require relatively current and accurate descriptions of all roads located in the province of Saskatchewan.

Product Specifications

Year of Creation:  2014
Coverage:  Provincial
Format:  ESRI ArcShape
Datum:  NAD 83, CSRS98
Projection:  UTM Extended Zone 13

Pricing Information

Data is available for free, please contact ISC for more information.