Surface Cadastral

The Surface Cadastral provides a current, accurate description of land parcels in the province, useful for a variety of applications. Product Sample

The Surface Cadastral shows the subdivision of surface land in the Province of Saskatchewan, by means of legal plans of subdivision - including original township surveys and metes and bounds descriptions shown on title documents. All current survey parcels, lots, quarter sections, roadways and more are shown.  The data is topologically structured; is suitable for use in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Computer Aided Drawing(CAD) systems, and is integrated with ISC ownership records.

The Surface Cadastral is designed to serve as the base for a range of applications including title registry, zoning, land use, assessment, planning and any application which requires a current, accurate description of the survey/ownership surface parcels in the province.

Product Specifications

Year of Creation: Maintained continuously
Coverage: Provincial
Layer Information: 27 layers
Format: ESRI ArcShape
Datum: NAD 83, CSRS98
Projection: UTM Extended Zone 13
Metadata: Complete metadata for this product is available on the Metadata page

Product Sample

Download a rural or urban cadastral sample in ArcGIS format.

Surface Cadastral Maintenance

The ability to approve new subdivisions, parcel consolidations and many other changes make the Surface Cadastral a truly dynamic product.  Maintenance helps keep your records current.

Maintenance is available on an annual or monthly basis and consists of 'Change Records' that include information on any additions, modifications or deletions to the data in a specific time period.  Also included is annual or monthly communication advising of any significant changes, as applicable.

Please note the following regarding ISC's provision of maintenance services:
  • Pricing is based on use (see tables below).
  • A signed agreement is required.
  • Distribution channel options include FTP, DVD or CD.
  • A distribution fee of $50.73 per delivery applies (e.g. for monthly maintenance, the annual charge is 12 x $50.73 = $608.76).
  • Customization Charge ($125.00 per hour) applies to all file format modifications.
  • Data cannot be re-distributed and only be in a non-extractable format.

Provincial Maintenance (Annual)

Rural Cadastral
(all Townships):
Urban Cadastral
(all urbans):
Full Provincial Cadastral
(all Townships and all urbans):
* Surface Cadastral without maintenance (one time purchase) is also available for a 50% discount on the price above; this does not include any maintenance.

Rural Maintenance (Annual)

Per Township: $45.65

Urban Maintenance (Annual)

(Sample prices listed, contact us for more information)

Village (ex. Glen Harbour Val Marie): $25.36
Small (ex. White City, Broadview): $253.63
Medium (ex. Moose Jaw,Yorkton): $1,521.79
Large (ex. Saskatoon, Regina): $3,043.58

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