RapidEye Imagery

ISC is pleased to offer RapidEye multi-spectral imagery, which is perfect for large areas where medium resolution is needed.

RapidEye is a constellation of five identical sun-synchronous Earth observation satellites that are unmatched in their ability to provide large area, 5m resolution multi-spectral images with the largest collection capacities and the quickest revisit time to any place on earth. RapidEye’s satellites are the first commercial satellites to include the Red-Edge band, which is sensitive to changes in chlorophyll content and very useful in agricultural and environmental applications.

This imagery is in GIS ready format and can be used with ISC’s other GIS datasets including Cadastral Dataset, SaskGrid, the Saskatchewan Road Network Database 2009 (SURN09), Saskatchewan Upgraded Road Network (SURN), and the National Topographic Series (NTS) maps. The imagery is compatible with desktop GIS systems.

The data can be ordered by Township, NTS tile, ArcShape file, or by a set of 4 co-ordinates. Please be sure to include the Datum and Map Projection that you require.

RapidEye Satellite Imagery Product Specifications

Type: Digital Satellite Imagery
Year of Creation: From 2008 to current
Bands: Blue, Green, Red, Red-Edge, NearIR
Pixel Resolution: 5.0 m
Format: GeoTIFF (TIFF and World File)
Bit Depth: 12-bit
Swath Width: 77.0 km
End-user License: Required
Coverage: International

Pricing Information

Pricing varies depending on the order specifications (area covered, archived or newly captured imagery, etc.). Please call with your specifications to obtain a pricing quote.

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