Topographic Maps

The National Topographic System (NTS) provides general-purpose topographic map coverage of Canada.

These coloured maps depict in detail ground relief (landforms and terrain), drainage (lakes and rivers), forest cover, administrative areas, populated areas, transportation routes and facilities (including roads and railways), and other man-made features.

Three separate product sets are available:

1. Saskatchewan Index Map
2. 1:50,000 scale topographic maps and datasets
3. 1:250,000 scale topographic maps

Saskatchewan Index Maps | Product Sample

These index maps are for both the 1:50,000 and 1:250,000 scale topographic maps. They are available as:

  1. A yearly updated provincial map (suitable for wall mounting) OR;
  2. As free image downloads (suitable for visually identifying which 1:50,000 and 1:250,000 maps you may want to order).

* Click on the National Topographic System (NTS) Index map for the area you require (i.e. Southern, Central or Northern) in the Image Downloads area of the Product Specifications below to view the NTS index map for your area now.

Product Specifications

Scale: 1:1,000,000
Year of Creation: Updated yearly (Hard Copy Map)
Coverage: Provincial
Image Downloads: NTS Index - Southern Saskatchewan
(from the U.S.A. border to Melfort and the Battlefords)

NTS Index - Central Saskatchewan
(from Saskatoon to Lac La Ronge)

NTS Index - Northern Saskatchewan
(from La Loche and Southend to the Northwest Territiories)

* Note: to save a copy of each index map above, right-click on the hyperlinked map name and select 'Save Target As'.

Pricing Information

Provincial Hard Copy Map: $33.00

1:50,000 Topographic Maps and Dataset | Product Sample

Available in both digital and hardcopy format, these maps and dataset include accurate depictions of designated areas, buildings and structures, roads, railways, trails, utilities, boundaries, hydrography, contours, land cover and text indicating toponomy.

The hardcopy versions of this product are ideal for recreational activities such as cycling, canoeing, snowmobiling, fishing, camping and hiking. Accurately shown are hills, valleys, lakes, rivers, streams, rapids, portages, trails and wooded areas; major, secondary and side roads, and all man-made features such as buildings, power lines, dams and cut lines.

The structured digital dataset contains information on natural and man-made features shown on 1:50,000 National Topographic System (NTS) maps. They allow user thematic data to be connected, overlaid and analyzed in GIS applications.

These maps contain various contours in intervals of 25 feet or 10 metres.

Maps at this scale are used by all levels of government and industry for a variety of uses including flood control, forest fire control, real estate planning, development of natural resources, environmental issues, right-of-way, highway planning, and depiction of crop areas.

Product Specifications

Scale: 1:50,000
Year of Creation: Various (1972-2009)
Coverage: Provincial
Coverage Area per Map: Approximately 1,000 square kilometres
Available Provincial Map Sheets: 740
Digital Data: Available for download from Natural Resources Canada website.
Format: ESRI ArcShape, AutoCAD DXF, Other
Datum: NAD 83
Projection: UTM Proper Zone, UTM Extended Zone 13
Maintenance: Not Maintained

Pricing Information

Hardcopy (per Map Sheet): $14.00
Download (non-commercial use): Free
Download (commercial use): Contact us for more information
Customization fee for file format and datum conversion: $105.00 per hour

1:250,000 Topographic Maps | Product Sample

These maps are considered to be a reconnaissance-type map with various contours in intervals of 100 feet and 20 or 50 metres.

This scale is popular not only as a detailed overview of a large area, but also as a detailed road map for use when travelling on back roads and side roads.

A full 1:250,000 scale map shows an area approximately the size of Prince Edward Island.

Product Specifications

Scale: 1:250,000
Year of Creation: Various (1972-2009)
Coverage: Provincial
Coverage Area per Map: Approximately 16,000 square kilometres
(approximately same area as 16 1:50,000 NTS Maps)
Available Provincial Map Sheets: 51
Digital Versions: Contact us
Format: N/A
Datum: N/A
Projection: N/A

Pricing Information

Hardcopy (per Map Sheet): $14.00

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