Dissolution of a Co-operative Overview

Step 1:  

Review ISC forms, especially the template for the Statement of Intent to Dissolve (This can be found on the Co-operatives form page under End or Restart your Co-operative.) 

Step 2:  

Meeting of members approves resolution to dissolve with 2/3 majority vote, and covers material in Statement of Intent template noted above. Resolution appoints liquidator.

Step 3:  

Complete Statement of Intent to Dissolve including total assets and liabilities, and members equity as of date of resolution to dissolve the co-operative. Refer to ss. 170-71 of The Co-operatives Act for liquidator duties.

Step 4:  

File Statement of Intent including Statutory Declaration of Liquidator. Please note: there are fees for email or paper output confirmation of registration.

Step 5:  

Review Step 2 ISC forms located under the End or Restart your Co-operative heading on the Co-operative forms page, especially Notice of Statement of Dissolution and Notice to Creditors template.

Step 6:  

Publish newspaper ad for 2 consecutive weeks in trading area of co-operative indicated Notice of Dissolution and Notice to Creditors. After 60 days, if no claims received, move to step 7.

Step 7:  

Distribute assets and member equity in accordance with Statement of Intent to Dissolve.

Step 8:  

Complete and file with ISC step 2 documents once assets are fully distributed. 

Step 9:  

Dissolution complete.

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