Condominium Affidavit of Value - Instructions

ISC's fee schedule requires customers to submit affidavits to establish the values of new titles being issued. This ensures that the appropriate fee is charged for the transaction. Any person with knowledge of the value may complete an Affidavit.

Use the Condominium Affidavit of Value in the following circumstances: 
  • An approved plan creates a new condominium with one or more units; 
  • A Transform Approval Certificate (TAC) has been issued; and 
  • Client is applying for initial titles to be issued in the developer’s name.

The Condominium Affidavit of Value may be used with the following application: 
  • Application for Transfer (Part I: Surrender)

Do not use this Affidavit for the following transactions which may also require issuance of titles to new or existing units, unless the Affidavit has been amended for that purpose. For more information on how to amend the Affidavit, please contact the Registrar’s Office. 
  • Replacement Plan (Phased Condominium) 
  • Redivision of Unit(s) 
  • Amendment of Condominium Plan 
  • Amendment of Unit Factors

How to complete the Condominium Affidavit of Value …

Name: Insert the name of the person swearing or affirming the Affidavit.

Residence: Insert the place of residence and the province of residence.

Paragraph 1: Insert the Transform Number from the TAC.

Paragraph 2: Insert the Unit Number for each new unit being created under the approved plan, and the corresponding Value of that unit. The unit number and unit value as stated in the Affidavit must be consistent with the rest of the packet. For example, the value given in the Affidavit must be consistent with the following information: 

  • Unit Value on the Application for Condominium Ownership Register Setup 
  • New Title Value on the Application for Transfer (Part II Set-Up).

If you need additional space, please add additional rows as required. Do not add additional information on a separate sheet, as the value information and current text must precede the signature of the person swearing or affirming the Affidavit.

Signature: The person swearing or affirming the Affidavit must sign the Affidavit in the presence of a Commissioner for Oaths, Notary Public, lawyer authorized to practise in Saskatchewan, or other person (specify position) authorized to take oaths.

Jurat: This section is completed by the official before whom the Affidavit is sworn or affirmed. He or she must add the place and province, date/month/year, and signature. If not a lawyer, he/she must add the expiry date of commission or appointment.

Do not amend this Affidavit to exclude any of the information currently contained in the Affidavit. You may insert additional information or text for explanatory purposes, if required.

Where to put the Condominium Affidavit of Value …
In your packet, you should insert the completed Affidavit after:
  • Application for Transfer (Part I – Surrender), behind authorizations