Credit Application - Instructions

Use the Credit Application Form to obtain a Credit Limit on your Account with Information Services Corporation. You will need to be a client to obtain an Account (see the Client Account Form and Help and the Account Application Form and Help). As a client, you will be able to use an ISC Account to charge the costs for services you obtain as a client. You may establish an Account associated solely with your client number, or set up an Account to be used by more than one Client.
You can apply for a Client Number, an Account Number and a Credit limit at the same time. The Credit Application can be submitted in conjunction with the previous two applications, or it can be submitted later.

The Account you establish with ISC must have a positive balance in it at all times, or you must have arranged for a Credit Limit using this form. The LAND System will not process work for a client if the amount charged for the work exceeds the amount in the account, or exceeds the credit limit established for the Account.

Once ISC has processed your Credit Application, you will be notified of your credit limit.

Information provided to ISC in the Credit Application will be treated in confidence.

Completing the Credit Application 


To apply for Credit, you must have a Client Number and an Account number. Fill in the Client Number and Account Number assigned to you.
If you do not have a Client Number or an Account Number with ISC, please ensure that you complete and include for submission a Client and Account application. If you are submitting a Client Application, an Account Application and a Credit Application at the same time, do not fill in a client or account number. ISC will assign these to you. However, if this is the case, please ensure that you include your "Firm or Other Name" or "Name".

ISC expects that the amount of credit requested would be the equivalent of approximately two months’ activity with ISC. Please note that you may wish to take into consideration all work that you do across the province in determining your requested amount. You may always apply to increase or decrease your credit as your needs change.

Provide a contact name for accounts payable and state the number of years your organization has been in business.


Provide the name, contact, address, telephone number and fax number of three credit references that ISC may contact in order to determine the amount of credit to be extended.


Provide all the requested information for the financial institution you deal with. Account number is optional. 


These are the terms and conditions surrounding the establishment of credit with ISC. Please read them carefully before signing the form. 


An authorized officer of your organization must sign this form. Indicate the position of that person in your organization. The signatures authorize ISC to contact all references given and make enquiries into credit history. The signature also indicates agreement to abide by the terms pertaining to credit with ISC.

Send completed Credit Application to:

By email:
[email protected]
By fax: 306-798-1399 
By mail: ISC e-Business Services Centre, 1301 – 1st Avenue, Regina, SK S4R 8H2