Survey Plans Fees

Effective May 04, 2024

Examination and Approval Services
Plan Purpose
Plan Revisions
Street Name Changes
Land Surveys Directory Fee Adjustments

Examination and Approval Services
* Per parcel unless otherwise indicated. Basic Fee Additional Fee*
Plan Purpose
Subdivision $255.00 $57.00
Survey Line $255.00 $57.00
Re-plot $255.00 $57.00
Consolidation $170.00 $57.00
Parcel Class Code Change $170.00 $57.00
Public Improvement $255.00 $57.00
Municipal Expropriation $255.00 $57.00
PFRA $0 $0
Township Plat Free N/A
Boundary Confirmation Free N/A
Railways $255.00 $57.00
Street, Lane Opening $255.00 N/A
Primary Survey Line Free N/A
Subdivision Plans – Minerals $170.00 $57.00
Roads / Highway Plans $255.00 $57.00
Condominium Plans (includes Agricultural Units) $255.00 $57.00/unit
Feature Plans (right of way, road easements, mineral lease, water lease, surface lease) $255.00 $17.00
Indian Reserve Boundary Free N/A
Integrated Survey Area Free N/A
Inspection File Free N/A
Reference Survey $255.00 N/A
Restoration / Re-establishment Free N/A
Cemetery or Bridge Plans $125.00 N/A
Boundary Confirmation Maintenance Free N/A
Other $250.00 N/A
Plan Revisions
Plan Resurrection $125.00 N/A
Change Orders $125.00 N/A
Manage Tie Codes $165.00 N/A
Street Name Changes
1 Plan requiring amendment
2-5 Plans requiring amendment
6-10 Plans requiring amendment
Over 10 Plans will be charged an hourly rate

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Searches Fees
Plan List Free
Plan Report Free
Plan Image $10.00 plus GST
Change Order List $7.00 plus GST
Image of Change Order $7.00 plus GST
Support Document List Free
Image of Support Document $7.00 plus GST
Image of Field Notes Index Free
Image of Field Notes Free
Client’s Request List Free
Map Search Application Access Free
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Submission Fees
Online Free
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Output Fees
Online Free
Fax / Email Documents $7.00 plus GST per output
Paper / CD Mail Out $16.00 plus GST per output
Paper Documents (Counter) $7.00 plus GST per output
Paper Plans (Counter) $16.00 plus GST per output
Email – Digital Plans $10.00 plus GST per output
Email – Digital Plans (Counter) $10.00 plus GST per output
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Miscellaneous Fees
At the discretion of the Contractor, for any legacy ancillary service where there is no fee provided, (for example, staff assisted searches, advisory/research services) $125; or $125 per hour, whichever is greater
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Land Surveys Directory Fee Adjustments
Please review your account statements on a regular basis. If you feel you have been incorrectly charged in the normal use of any Land Surveys Directory service, please contact us within 90 calendar days of the statement date. All requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
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