Account Numbers

Account Numbers are unique 9-digit numbers that identify billing accounts for any business conducted with ISC, such as searches done on the ISC website, registration work submitted, or output requested by a submitting party. 

How Account Numbers are Used

Account numbers provide a flexible way to charge different transactions to different accounts. For example, you may wish to establish one account number for all members of your staff to use, or you may wish to establish multiple accounts for different business units to use. Any combination of client numbers and account numbers is allowed.

There are many possible combinations of client and account set-ups:
  • Track your online searches separately from your submitted work.
    • it is best to have two separate account numbers, so these tasks may be differentiated on the statements.
  • Separate geographic locations by having multiple account numbers for different areas or centres throughout Saskatchewan.
  • Single or multiple client numbers pointing to the mentioned account numbers.
    • Remember that each account number generates an account statement, and that statement is sent to the address information (care of someone’s’ attention) established in the Account Application (PDF).

How Account Numbers Relate to Client Numbers

The relationship between a client number and an account number is that one client number must “own” an account number, and that the account number must be permanent. Once that ownership is established, then other client numbers may be used in conjunction with that account number.


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