frequently asked questions

Can I use the same information to login into the Corporate Registry application and to sign-in to the other ISC online services?
No, you must have separate accounts to sign-in to ISC's online services and to login to the Corporate Registry application. 

You must sign up for a new account with Corporate Registry, but you may use your already existing ISC client number and account number when signing up for a new Corporate Registry account. For step by step instructions, please visit and review the Account Registration/Login support Manual.

Why Register with ISC online?
ISC has a wide variety of search and registration services you can access online. Many of these online services are free to use, but you will require an ISC Online Services account to access them, as some fees do apply to access certain information (like the Title, Interest Holder information, viewing a plan of survey, etc.) or when submitting a registration to change title ownership, an interest against title or lien against personal property.

What are the different account types that are available for the ISC online account?
There are both temporary and permanent accounts for ISC online accounts. These have different functions, please visit the First Time Users page to find out more. 

Why complete your Corporate Registry transitions online?
The Corporate Registry application allows you to complete filings more quickly, with the system automatically checking for required and valid information. You can submit virtually all filings online and many of those submissions are registered immediately.  

You can also complete corporate searches and order profile reports or other documents quickly. This enables you access to digitally verified documents and certificates immediately online, allowing you to share them quickly instead of waiting for paper copies to be mailed. 

What Internet browser should I use?

For the most optimal experience across all applications, ISC recommends the use of Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome as the browsers of choice for our Online Services site.

The use of other browsers may decrease functionality.

View our Frequently Asked Questions for more information on updating your browser.

View our System System Requirements and Recommendations page for more information.

Where can I find additional support in registering my business? 
Visit our Register a Business or Incorporate page for step by step guidelines on how to register your business. Corporate Registry also has support manuals to help you navigate the online application, please visit to review the manuals. 

Do your applications use 'pop ups'?
Our online services are designed with pop up windows. Before signing in, please edit your pop up blocker settings to allow pop ups for and