Survey Plan Registry Help

ISC's Survey Plan Registry plays an important role in land transaction processes in Saskatchewan. This area consists of two business units. 

The Plan Process and Examination team
reviews all plans to ensure compliance with legislative requirements and operates the Land Surveys Directory that includes storage, maintenance and distribution of official survey plans, township plans, field notes, reports, etc.. 

The GIS Data team completes the entry of all submitted plans into the Land Surveys Directory and provides continuous maintenance to the property and feature layers of the GIS Cadastral Data Base.

In addition to an officially approved plan and updated database, another important output from the Land Transaction process is the creation of the Transform Approval Certificate, which enables the titling of new parcels of land.

Plans are examined to ensure compliance with The Land Surveys Act, 2000, The Land Surveys Regulations, The Land Titles Act, 2000, The Planning and Development Act, 2007 and The Condominium Property Act, 1993, which are available from our Acts & Regulations page.

Plan Submissions Online Help

Plan Submissions Online is a web-based plan submission and checking tool which auto-verifies that all mandatory information is provided before submitting plans to ISC Plan Processing. Alerts will let customers know if any necessary plan information is missing, or appears to be incorrect, allowing for interactive corrections in a ‘work-in-progress’ environment. This tool expedites filing and approval, reduces packet rejections and eliminates forms and advances service delivery, facilitating system and process efficiencies.

Forms, Policies, Guidelines and Templates

There are a number of  forms and templates that may assist you with amending plans, cancelling condominiums, changing parcel class codes or consolidating parcels of land. 

Plan Processing Forms - Here you will find forms and templates that will assist you in submitting a plan to ISC for processing.

Plan Preparation Documents - Here you will find a number of different documents describing ISC's requirements on how to prepare each of the various plans, such as Descriptive, Feature and Subdivision Plans.

Policies and Guidelines - Here you will find a number of policies which have been approved by ISC to clarify existing policies or resulted from changes to various Acts and/or Regulations. These policies are made available for public and private use.

Surveyor Support Tools - A collection of useful help manuals, interactive plan checklists and other support documents focused towards surveyors. 

Parcel Tie Amendments

Here you will find information on how to create, remove or amend parcel ties. Don't know what a parcel tie is? Click here to learn more about parcel ties.

Need More Help?

Internal File Numbers and Registered Plan Numbers - Several titles in Districts throughout the province reference internal file numbers in addition to the actual registered plan number assigned. In order for conversion to proceed in a timely manner, it is important to reference the registered plan number, and not the internal plan number, on the Request for Conversion.  This document alphabetically lists (by community) internal file numbers and their corresponding registered plan numbers.

Old World / New World Comparison - This document outlines the major changes in how our services changed when we converted to an online system in 2001-03.