ISC fees have changed

Corporate Registry, Petroleum & Resources Sector, Maps & Photos, GeoSask, Saskatchewan Personal Property Registry, Survey Plans Registry, Land Registry, Online Submission | Jul 09-16

Effective July 10, 2016, Land Registry, Corporate Registry, Personal Property Registry, and Surveys Registry fees have changed.
ISC reviews fees on an annual basis. We are constantly evaluating the market and our business, and are committed to providing fair and sustainable fees to all our customers.
ISC has adjusted its fees to ensure whole number pricing and a simpler fee schedule for all core registry services based on customer feedback;  as a result, most fees have decreased back to May 2013 levels while a few individual fees have increased.  These fee changes apply to each of the ISC product lines and will affect customers differently, depending on the customer and the product lines they are using. 
The fees were adjusted based on a formula that included a rebalancing component to ensure whole number pricing. ISC’s Master Service Agreement (MSA) with the Government of Saskatchewan allows for flat fees to be adjusted annually based on a formula tied to inflation, as measured by the Saskatchewan Price Index (CPI).
The renewal of the Corporate Registry requires a new schedule of fees to be established. Customers will see increased fees in a number of areas, particularly the move from separate online and paper pricing, as well as a change for search pricing.  

For more information on fee changes, and for a full breakdown of fees by product line, please visit