Land Search API

The Land Registry Search Application Programming Interface (API) enables approved users to electronically search select Saskatchewan Land Registry and Judgment Registry data.

Current Features: 

Search the Land Registry by:
  • Parcel Number
  • Land Description
  • Title Number
  • Owner Name
  • Client Number
  • Interest Number 
Search the Judgment Registry by:
  • Debtor Name
  • Judgment Registry Number
  • Land Title Registration Number

Additional Features:

Download Title Detail, Parcel Picture, and Judgment Search Reports

Track activity using Client Reference Number and Account summaries

**Users will require an ISC account to search using the API.

How To Gain Access:

Access to the Land Registry Search API is subject to Saskatchewan's Office of Public Registry Administration (OPRA)'s approval.  

Steps to Request Approval:

  1. Download and complete the application form​
  2. Submit form to [email protected]
Once ISC receives your completed request form, an ISC rep will contact you with further details.

Technical Details:

API File Type: WSDL 

Supported Request Formats: SOAP/XML

Supported Response Formats: SOAP/XML


One time integration fee

API convenience fee per search