Consolidate Land

If you own two or more adjoining parcels, you may want to consolidate them.

Once you consolidate, you may end up paying less for many of the transactions that we offer. Many of the fees we charge are tied to each individual parcel. So the fewer parcels you have registered with us, the more money you stand to save on many of the services you request, whether that’s registering an interest or requesting a print of the title certificate.

Consolidation means parcels are joined together according to a detailed plan that either you or your licensed surveyor prepares and then submits to us. Click here to learn more about consolidating plans (via a Description Plan Type II).

Once we approve the plan we will inform you. You can then submit the appropriate paperwork to us so that one title is raised for the newly-formed parcel.

You will be issued both a new Title Number and new Parcel Number on the new title that is raised.

To consolidate land, it is a good idea to contract the services of a licensed land surveyor. It may even be necessary depending on the type of consolidation you want to do. Some consolidation plans require a Survey Plan and these must be prepared by a licensed land surveyor in Saskatchewan.

In all cases of consolidation, approval from the local community planning body must be secured.