Plan Search

As the custodian of the provincial Land Surveys Directory, the directory containing all plans ever registered or approved in the province of Saskatchewan, ISC is the place to obtain copies of these plans and related documents.

Plans illustrate the boundaries of parcels of land – complete with dimensions, locations of monuments and more.  Examples of plans include subdivision plans illustrating the boundaries of the Lots and Blocks within a new residential land development, condominium plans showing units and parking spaces, and feature plans illustrating the location of a pipeline.

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Note: As of June 16, 2014, condominium plans will no longer be amended to show the redesignation of parking spaces.

What Criteria Can I Search a Plan By?

There are four search methods you can use to find plan information online:

Plan Search (by Attributes)
Use this search type to quickly see a list of all registered plans within a given urban municipality, to narrow your search based on a particular plan purpose (e.g. condominium, roadway or railway, among others) or by several other options.

Plan Search (by Number)
Use this search if you know the registration number of a specific plan you are looking for.  Plan numbers can commonly be found on land titles, in the land description of your tax notice and within applications like Map Search.

Plan Search (by Township)
Use this search to obtain copies of original Township Plats - some dating back to the 1800’s - the first record of parcel boundaries ever registered!  Also available are roadway plans, subdivision, metes and bounds plans and others – all related to a specific township or townships.

Plan Search (by Feature)
Use this search to obtain copies of feature plans by the feature plan number or the feature number.  Common examples of feature plans are pipeline plans showing the location of a high pressure gas line or right of way plans showing the location of a utility easement.