Acts and Regulations

Saskatchewan’s survey system and its orderly, grid patterned layout, divides and defines all land parcels in the province. ISC is responsible for the administration and maintenance of Saskatchewan’s legal survey system and is also responsible for official survey instructions including information and technical advice relating to surveys and plans.

The Land Surveys Act 2000 is administered by the Minister of Justice responsible for the Office of the Public Registry Administration (OPRA) through the Controller of Surveys. Under the Land Surveys Act 2000, the Controller is responsible for the coordination of the establishment, maintenance, and preservation of the province's land survey system.

The Land Surveys Regulations - Chapter L-4.1 Reg 1 (effective June 25, 2001) as amended by Saskatchewan Regulations 20/2002, 70/2013 and 53/2014; and by the Statutes of Saskatchewan, 2006, c.41.

Planning and Development Act, 2007 - An Act respecting Planning and Development in Municipalities