Director of Corporations and Registrar of Co-operatives' Suspension Order for Strike Off Provisions

Mar 20-20

The Director of Corporations and Registrar of Co-operatives has suspended the strike off provisions for non-profit corporations, co-operative and new generation co-operative entities.

The suspension is meant to assist non-profit corporations, co-operatives, and new generation co-operatives that are not in a position to file annual returns and financial statements at the Corporate Registry due to delays in annual meeting caused by the restrictions and recommendations on public gatherings.

To further lessen the impact of being unable to file in a timely manner, annual return late filing fees for Not-For-Profit corporations and co-operatives will be suspended.  

Corporate Registry continues operations, including the acceptance and processing of all customer submissions. Organizations that have completed the necessary activities and are able to submit their annual returns and related filings are encouraged to do so.

View the Order from the Director of Corporations and Registrar of Co-operatives.