Expired Returned Corporate Registry Submissions

Sep 01-17

All Corporate Registry submissions that are returned to customers for correction must be re-submitted and received within 30 days from the date of the returned submission correspondence. If the submission is not received within this 30-day period, it will be considered to have been abandoned/cancelled and will expire. 

Once a submission has expired, it cannot be reactivated and a new submission must be submitted.  Any additional fees related to the expired submission will be applied to the new submission (e.g., a late fee is applied if an annual return is filed after the entity’s annual return due date). 

Please note that resubmissions must be completed using the same submission method as the original submission:

  • If your original submission was sent by mail or fax, you must resubmit using that same method and include all the pages of the submission (not just those that required correction). Please be sure to write the Submission Reference (SR#) number on the cover page. The SR# can be found on your returned correspondence. 
  • If your original submission was completed online, you must resubmit online. 
    • To review the reasons for your returned submission, log into the Corporate Registry application, select Messages and then the Returned tab to find the returned submission correspondence. 
    • To complete your resubmission, select My Activity, then select Submissions and finally select the Returned tab to find the specific transaction to correct and resubmit.
    • You can also access your returned submission on your Corporate Registry application home page, under the Your Summary heading.
If you have any questions about this process, please contact us at corporateregistry@isc.ca or call 1-866-275-4721.