ISC Saskatchewan Registries Online Services User Name Password Update

Oct 06-21

ISC has implemented stronger password requirements as part of our commitment to protect registry data and access for our users of all the Saskatchewan Registries: Land Registry, Saskatchewan Personal Property Registry (SPPR), Judgment Registry, Corporate Registry and Plan Submission Online (PSO) services. 

All new users setting up an online password for the first time will benefit from the user password complexity increase to provide greater security.  For existing customers, we recommend you take advantage of the increased security by updating your current password if it does not meet the new complexity requirements.

Important to Land, SPPR, Judgment Registries:

  • User Name Password Change only (does not include Account Number Password changes*)
  • Account Number Password changes are not impacted by this request.
  • *please do not change your Account Number Password unless you are fully aware that this may affect your ability to pay and complete transactions.

Who is affected?

    • Any user of ISC’s online services creating a new password or any existing users changing their passwords

What is the change?

All new User Name Passwords (and any changes to existing passwords) will reflect the password complexity increase to provide greater security
Passwords are case-sensitive, must be 8 to 16 characters, contain at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 number and one of these characters ! @ $ *

  When is the change happening?

    • The complexity increase for user passwords was recently introduced and is applied to all new or changed user passwords since then.
    • New Users:  All new users to ISC Online Services setting up their user credentials will be aligned to the new password complexity
    • Existing Users: ISC recommends that existing users proactively make the change to update their user passwords as soon as possible to benefit from the enhanced security features. 

Where do I make this change?

If you have User Name passwords for multiple ISC services, you will be required to update the User Name password for each ISC Online Service: Land Registry, SPPR, Judgment Registry, Corporate Registry and password for Plan Submission Online (PSO)

To proactively make this change follow the easy steps in the link below for:

Forgot Password

    • If you have forgotten your existing password, use the Forgot Password feature on the Sign In/LOGIN pages of the registry you wish to access 
    • Using the Forgot Password feature will reset your new password to the updated security requirements

Who do I contact if I need assistance with this change?