New email option added to Saskatchewan Personal Property Registry

Dec 01-16

Starting December 3, 2016, you will have the option to include email addresses of secured parties in the Saskatchewan Personal Property Registry for email delivery of the automatic Discharge Verification when a discharge occurs.

The benefits of email over traditional mail include: quicker delivery of automatic Discharge Verification to secured parties; the ability to save the file within your organization and; reduced paper usage. Discharge notices will also remain available to the submitting party in the ‘My Workspace’ area for download.

Email will be available for both new and existing registrations. For new registrations, customers can enter the optional email address in the secured/creditor party block.  For existing registrations, secured party information can be updated by completing an amendment.

The email option will be available in the web application and via B2B services. For B2B customers, an update to the XML schema will be required to include email information with registrations. This is an optional update and the existing schema without email address will remain acceptable.

The Global Change service is available for banks, credit unions and other financial institutions with a high volume of existing registrations. Adding an email address for all existing registrations is a quick and efficient way to transition SPPR discharge notices from paper to email.

To learn more about your options using email with the SPPR, contact ISC at 1-866-275-4721 or