Remote Witnessing Legislation Made Permanent

Aug 07-20

Four sets of temporary Regulations created during COVID-19 that permit the remote witnessing of certain documents were made permanent.

These include: The Land Titles (Remote Witnessing) Amendment Regulations, 2020; The Powers of Attorney (Remote Witnessing) Amendment Regulations, 2020; The Electronic Information and Documents (Remote Witnessing) Amendment Regulations, 2020; and The Wills Regulations.

The Regulations allow lawyers to commission sworn documents, witness powers of attorney and other documents remotely using electronic means. They also permit the remote witnessing of wills using electronic means where one of the two required witnesses is a lawyer.

For the Land Registry, the Regulations make permanent the ability for lawyers admitted as a member of the Law Society of Saskatchewan to remotely witness the signing of authorizations by title owners and interest holders remotely, provided that the regulatory requirements are met. 

Please view the following for more information:

The Registrar’s direction provides a way for customers of ISC to meet the requirements of both the Law Society and the Land Registry while helping ensure the continued health and safety of our communities.