Update to Saskatchewan Personal Property Registry Search Results

Nov 21-19

On November 29th , 2019, Saskatchewan Personal Property Registry (SPPR) search results will be updated making them easier to read and more user friendly.

The areas that will be changed are:

  • Step 3 of a search
  • View Summary top section
  • PDF Search Result report top section found in the Output List under the My Workspace area
We will be condensing:
  • The current ‘Enforcement Instruction’ and ‘Enforcement Instruction Registration #’ columns will be replaced with a single ‘Enforcement Instruction #’ column. If an Enforcement Instruction has been applied against a judgment the registration # will be displayed in the column.
  • ‘Year’, ‘Make’, ‘Model’ and ‘Color’ columns will be combined into a single column.
View examples of how application currently looks and what the application will look like effective November 29, 2019 below.

Step 3 of 4 and View Summary in Performing a Search


As of November 29, 2019 (Examples)

PDF Reports available under My Workspace - Output List


As of November 29, 2019