Search - Find Information on an Existing Business

Corporate Registry maintains information for all legal entities registered with the province of Saskatchewan. Legal entities include businesses, corporations and non-profit organizations.

Business information is public information and available upon request. For immediate search results on entity information 1999 to present conduct a search through the Corporate Registry application.  Entity information prior to 1999 can only be searched using the document order form.

To use this service, you can either search for existing businesses by name or business (entity) number. Results may be emailed, faxed or mailed to you for an additional fee or, you may view the results online by selecting 'my activity', 'order history' and then selecting the 'available' tab.

Search Results

Once you have completed your entity number or legal name search, search results offered can include one of the following options.

Profile Reports
Profile reports provide the present state information about the entity (business) you have searched.  

The information provided includes the entity type, status, date of registration or incorporation, nature of business, registered office/mailing address, the owners/directors, and event history. 

Document Orders
Document orders are the businesses supporting documents filed with the Corporate Registry, including items like a copy of certificate of incorporation. Most document orders are available immediately via the Corporate Registry application.
If your document order is not immediately available please revisit your 'order history' under the 'my activity' drop down within the Corporate Registry application. When your request is available it will transition from the pending list to the available list.


Certificates include official documents such as certificate of status, certificate of amalgamation. All certificates are now digitally certified and can be provided online. Learn more about our digital certificates.

If you wish to receive a manually certified paper document, this option may be selected in your online search results. There is an additional fee for manually certified paper documents. Please see the fee schedule for more information.

*Your search results will display all of the available supporting documents, certificates and reports related to the search.

Login to the Corporate Registry Application to search.