Co-operatives Act Forms

Incorporate your Co-operative

Only numbered companies can be incorporated without a Name Reservation.If you're intending to incorporate a business as a named company, a Name Reservation number is required.

Saskatchewan Co-operative
Name Reservation
Co-operative Incorporation

Saskatchewan Co-operative Amalgamation
Name Reservation 

Extra-Provincial Co-operative
As a result of Manitoba joining the New West Partnership Trade Agreement, extra-provincial registration fees for Manitoba business corporations will be refunded. Review the Extra-Provincial Registration in the 'Register a Business or Incorporate' section.
Name Reservation
Application for Registration
Withdrawal of Registration

Extra-Provincial Co-operative Amalgamation
Name Reservation

If you are having difficulties choosing a Nature of Business please review our NAICS code list.

Maintain or Change your Co-operative Information

Saskatchewan Co-operative
Name Reservation (Name Change)
Name Reservation (Reorganization)
Change Nature of Business
Change of Directors/Officers
Notice of Change of Registered Office/Mailing Address
Financial Statement
Notice Filing
Restated Articles of Incorporation
Consent to Act as Power of Attorney
Power of Attorney
Request for Approval
Liquidator Receiver-Manager

Saskatchewan Co-operative (Continuance)
Application for Authorization to Continue
Name Reservation (Jurisdictional Continuance)
Name Reservation (Act Continuance)
Continuance (Jurisdictional)
Continuance (Act)

Extra-Provincial Co-operative
Name Reservation (Name Change)
Change of Directors/Officers

End or Restart your Co-operative

End your Saskatchewan Co-operative

Step 1:

Intent to Dissolve
Statement of Intent to Dissolve (Liquidator)
Statement of Intent to Dissolve (No Liquidator)

Step 2:
Notice of Statement of Dissolution and Notice of Creditors Template
Statutory Declaration Template

Extra-Provincial Co-operative Restoral
Name Reservation (Restoral)
Application to Restore

Restart your Co-operative
Name Reservation (Revival)
Name Reservation (Restoral)
Application to Restore Name to the Register

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The Co-operatives Act, 1996