Amalgamate a Business Corporation: New West Partnership & MRAS

PLEASE NOTE: Corporations from Saskatchewan wishing to amalgamate business corporation registered extra-provincially in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, or Quebec, must visit the registry in the applicable jurisdiction to amalgamate the extra-provincial corporation.

To amalgamate a your extra-provincial business corporation in Saskatchewan via the Corporate Registry application you will need to know the following information.

Reserved Business Name (reservation number)

  • For help with this please review the name reservation page.
  • Alternatively you may opt to select a numbered name or one of the predecessors names.

  • This includes nature of business, share details, authorized number of directors, restrictions, and/or articles of attachment.

Registered Office
  • Physical address (location of registered office which must be a Saskatchewan address).
  • Mailing address.
  • Email address.

Director/Officer Information
  • Includes first/middle/last names, email, physical, and mailing address of directors and/or officers.
  • Location of your business (this is the physical address, P.O. box numbers are not accepted).

Power of Attorney

  • Powers of attorney are mandatory for all corporations registered extra-provincially in Saskatchewan.


  • May either be a person or entity (business).
During the incorporation process, you may choose to register with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Finance.  You may also request the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) contact you with information about registering with WCB.


    • Fees applicable to your incorporation will be displayed under the fees tab in the Corporate Registry application.  

Please note: The Corporate Registry cannot provide advice about your amalgamation. You should contact a lawyer to discuss your legal concerns or an accountant to discuss your financial concerns.

Filing an Amalgamation

  • Login to the Corporate Registry application.
    • Select ‘file’.
  • Under the heading ‘starting out?’ click on ‘business corporations’ and select the ‘incorporate’ option.
  • Enter in your business name reservation number. (This number can be found in your output list).
    • Click ‘continue’.
  • Complete the application and submit.
    • The summary screen within the application will provide an overview of your amalgamation.