Corporate Registry: Introduction

The Saskatchewan Corporate Registry coordinates, promotes, develops, implements and enforces policies and programs that relate to the registration and regulation of business corporations, non-profit corporations, co-operatives and other businesses. More...

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The Corporate Registry offers some of its more popular services online. Using our online registration website will not only save you money, it will also help speed up turnaround times when processing your applications as they get into the queue faster and require less administration and processing. More...
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Registering an Extra-Provincial Corporation

Are you a Saskatchewan corporation planning to register extra-provincially in British Columbia or Alberta, or a corporation from Alberta or British Columbia planning to register extra-provincially in Saskatchewan? If so, the New West Partnership Trade Agreement is now making it easier for you to extra-provincially register. More...

How to Form a Business in Saskatchewan

Select the business type (from the list below) that you would like more information about forming in Saskatchewan: 
Corporation | Co-operative | New Generation Co-operative | Non-profit Corporation | Sole Proprietorship or Partnership

There are three basic structures any business can take:

  • Sole Proprietorship - is a business consisting of one owner. That owner may be either an individual or a corporation. If the owner is an individual (who is also personally liable for all the debts of the business) and carries on business under a name other than his or her personal name, that name must be registered under The Business Names Registration Act.
  • Partnership - is a business owned by one or more individuals or corporations (in any combination). Within a partnership, each partner is potentially liable for all debts of the partnership. If the partnership carries on business under a name, that name must be registered under The Business Names Registration Act.
  • Corporation - is a legal entity that has a separate legal existence apart from its shareholders and directors. It is sometimes also referred to as a ‘limited company'. Since it has a separate legal existence from its shareholders and directors, they are generally not personally liable for the debts of the corporation beyond the amount contributed. Although it is the shareholders which ‘own' a corporation, it is the directors who manage the day-to-day operations.

There are many legal differences between sole proprietors, partnerships, and corporations. It is advisable that you consult with a lawyer to determine which type of business structure is best for you.

Searching and Registering a Business Name

Before a corporation or business name can be registered, the proposed name must be searched against all other registered names in Saskatchewan. You can register a business name online or by mail, fax or in person.
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Filing Business Information in Saskatchewan

Here you will find information on how to file annual returns for a business corporation, business name renewal notices, and notices of change on an existing entity.

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