New West Partnership and Extra-Provincial Registrations

If you are a Saskatchewan business and plan on carrying out business in another province, the business must be registered extra-provincially in those provinces.

If you are an extra-provincial business (business operating outside of Saskatchewan) and wish to conduct business in Saskatchewan you may complete a name reservation and register  online via the 
Corporate Registry Application.  

As part of the Multi-jurisdictional Registry Access Service (MRAS), some extra-provincial businesses must file online (paper submissions will not be accepted).  The following businesses must file their extra-provincial name reservations, and registrations online via the Corporate Registry Application.   
  • Business corporations from Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, or Quebec and federal business corporations. 
  • Limited partnerships from Alberta, British Columbia, or Manitoba. 

New West Partnership

The New West Partnership Trade Agreement (NWPTA) is an agreement between British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan that reduces barriers to trade, investment and labour movement making it easier to do business across these provinces.

NWPTA Extra provincial registrations apply to business corporations, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, and co-operatives. Under the NWPTA:
  • There is no additional cost to register the business in one of the partnering provinces. However, each province charges a fee for a name registration.
  • Business corporations and limited partnerships must complete their extra-provincial name reservation and registration at the partner province’s (Alberta, British Columbia, or Manitoba) registry.
    • Saskatchewan business corporations and limited partnerships wishing to register extra-provincially in Alberta, British Columbia, or Manitoba must do so at the registry in the target province.
    • Business corporations and limited partnerships from Alberta, British Columbia, or Manitoba must register extra-provincially in Saskatchewan online via the Corporate Registry Application.
  • Limited liability partnerships and co-operatives can submit their name reservation and registration in the home province and the registration will be facilitated on behalf of the business.

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