The Multi-jurisdictional Registry Access Service (MRAS) is a new digital solution that allows participating registries in Canada to connect. British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Corporations Canada are participating in MRAS. The new service reduces barriers to trade and makes registration and maintenance transactions for Business Corporations and Limited Partnerships operating in multiple jurisdictions (provinces) more efficient. 


With MRAS, Saskatchewan and participating provincial registries will exchange data to enable more accurate and efficient registration processes across the registries.  Business corporations and limited partnerships from MRAS jurisdictions will benefit from three key improvements in service delivery:

  • Fewer submissions required across jurisdictions – leveraging information from the participating registries, the SK Corporate Registry will make certain updates to extra-provincial entities without the need for a customer to file an update. 
  • Reminders to file updates with the Registry – In scenarios where change made in the home jurisdiction can’t be used to automatically update the SK extra-provincial entity, the Registry may send a notification acknowledging the event and requesting the necessary updates be filed. This extra reminder will be particularly useful for law firms and other organizations that file on behalf of extra-provincial entities. 
  • Less data entry – Preparing submissions, when necessary, will be quicker and more accurate as the basic entity information from the home jurisdiction will be auto-populated on Corporate Registry forms. 

Online Filing Requirements

Under MRAS, the following extra-provincial filings must be filed online:

  • All extra-provincial registrations and maintenance transactions for business corporations from Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Quebec, or Federal corporations.
  • All extra-provincial registration and maintenance transactions for limited partnerships from Alberta, British Columbia, and Manitoba.
Saskatchewan business corporations and limited partnerships wishing to register extra-provincially in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, or Quebec will need be required to file online at the registry in the target province.

Set-up your Saskatchewan Corporate Registry Account 

Registering and maintaining your extra-provincial business corporation or limited partnership is easy with the Corporate Registry application. 

You will need to create an account to register or maintain your extra-provincial business in Saskatchewan. 

For maintenance transactions, such as updating your mailing address, you may be asked to enter an access code to complete your update. The access code is an extra layer of security that helps ensure only authorized persons are able to change entity information. More information on access codes